Friday, April 17, 2009

Fun, fun, fun

You know how sometimes you catch little bits and pieces of other people's conversations, like if you're walking through the mall, or shopping in a big store? Well this one day I was just browsing the aisles in Walmart.... I think I was looking at greeting cards. Anyway, there was a display nearby of Ocean's Thirteen dvds. This elderly couple walked by the display and the husband walked over to it and picked up a dvd. He said proudly, "I'm gonna get Ocean's Thirteen!". His wife then replied by asking, "Why would you want to get that??" And he said...."Because it looks like fun!". haha. So he put it in the basket and off they went. I guess you just had to be there, but it was funny. Well, the very next day I was working at the shoe store when this young lady from Fort Worth came in. She was basically just "looking" , but then she spotted a pair of brown Clark's boots. It was the last pair on the half price table, and they just happened to be her size! So she picked one up, and said "These look like fun!". She tried it on, then got the other one and tried it on. She walked around in them for a few minutes. She said, "These are so fun!". So she decided to buy them, and when she was checking out she said "How fun!".

I have fun seeing people have fun! Don't you? Even if they're doing something as simple as shopping for boots or dvds. There is always fun to be had....... so have some!

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  1. LOL...
    I'm so glad that girl had so much fun with her boots!
    Also, you need to inform people when you delete blogs and start new ones or else we will not know to follow you and we will miss all of your fun posts...yes sir.