Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Color me RED

Well, I embarrassed myself....... again! Allow me to share: It was a cool, breezy day and Kara wanted to go to the park. So we get in the car and head in that direction. Since it was such a nice day, not too hot, I rolled down all the windows. Then a song came on the radio that Kara likes and she asked me to turn it up. So I turned it up, but not too loud. As I'm casually driving down Avenue K we are approaching a stop sign. About that time, I smelled the aroma of someone cooking out. Then I said, (rather loudly, in my annoying baby talk that I always use that gets on everyone's nerves...... and she's almost 4!) "Mmmmm, Kara! Somebody's cooking out! Doesn't that smell YUMMY???" We're at the stop sign now, and I hesitantly look to my right. And there, not more than 15 feet away in his front yard, and definitely within earshot, is a man with a big smile on his face standing at his barbecue grill cooking out. I was mortified! He heard me! There is no way he didn't hear that. So I sunk down in my seat a little, and kindly went on my way. When we got to the park, I sat there for a minute and just laughed and laughed and laughed. Kara said, "What's so funny, Mama?" "Oh, nothing", I said. Then we got out and played.

I wonder how I will humiliate myself next.....


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009

Small town fun..... gotta love it!!

So the carnival comes to Childress. (I use the term "carnival" loosely!) It consisted of one ride, and about 4 tents.... a couple of food tents, a couple of game tents. I took Kara there yesterday. She got to ride the one and only ride they had.... see video. Yet somehow, we had a ball!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Top 10 Favorite Movie Characters

Today's blog topic is "My top 10 favorite movie characters". I got this idea from my sister, Lana. (I still haven't figured out how to post clickable links, but that's another day). It was difficult to narrow it down to just 10, because I have so many favorite movies. But I chose the first 10 that came to mind. Now these are movie "characters", not actors.... although in most cases I am a huge fan of the actor as well. So here are my favorites:
1. Hanibal Lecter is, by far, my most favorite movie character ever! Can't really explain why, he just is.
Well hello Clarice
2. Clarice Starling, from Silence of the Lambs, is also a favorite character. I just love the movie period. So all the people in it are terrific!
Yeah, Baby!
3. Austin Powers is the epitome of cool! What more can I say! LOL
Greg Focker
4. Greg Focker, in Meet the Parents..... soooo funny!
Ed, from Identity
5. Ed, from "Identity". I have always had a huge crush on John Cusack, so anything he does is awesome. I really loved him in Identity, though.
6. I love ALL the characters in Little Miss Sunshine. It's one of the best movies ever!! But since I had to choose one character, I chose Uncle Frank, played by Steve Carrell. "I'll have a blue raspberry slushie!" LOLOL
7. Norman Bates in Psycho. I love the original. All the others were great as well...

Girl, Interupted

8. Sussanna Kaysen, from Girl, Interupted... played by Wynona Ryder. I really liked Angelina Jolie's character as well.
Julia Roberts as Erin Brockovich
9. Julia Roberts is awesome! I like her character in ALL her movies, like Pretty Woman, Mona Lisa Smile, Sleeping with the Enemy, etc. But I especially loved her as Erin Brockovich.
10. Beauty and the Beast is the BEST animated movie of all time! Who doesn't love Belle!!! She's the best.....

Friday, April 17, 2009

Fun, fun, fun

You know how sometimes you catch little bits and pieces of other people's conversations, like if you're walking through the mall, or shopping in a big store? Well this one day I was just browsing the aisles in Walmart.... I think I was looking at greeting cards. Anyway, there was a display nearby of Ocean's Thirteen dvds. This elderly couple walked by the display and the husband walked over to it and picked up a dvd. He said proudly, "I'm gonna get Ocean's Thirteen!". His wife then replied by asking, "Why would you want to get that??" And he said...."Because it looks like fun!". haha. So he put it in the basket and off they went. I guess you just had to be there, but it was funny. Well, the very next day I was working at the shoe store when this young lady from Fort Worth came in. She was basically just "looking" , but then she spotted a pair of brown Clark's boots. It was the last pair on the half price table, and they just happened to be her size! So she picked one up, and said "These look like fun!". She tried it on, then got the other one and tried it on. She walked around in them for a few minutes. She said, "These are so fun!". So she decided to buy them, and when she was checking out she said "How fun!".

I have fun seeing people have fun! Don't you? Even if they're doing something as simple as shopping for boots or dvds. There is always fun to be had....... so have some!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Influence of TV

Kids say the darndest things! My little Kara doesn't miss a beat. Apparently, I do a lot of "thinking out loud". It's no secret that I'm on a diet.... again! Well I guess I have done too much complaining about it. The other day I was cringing while looking in the mirror, as usual. Kara came up to me just as serious as she could be, and said.... "You need some mega green tea because it burns belly fat!" While some would be embarrassed, if not offended, I actually thought it was the sweetest thing! She had seen the commercial and was truly trying to help me out. There is nothing more genuine than the advice of a 3 year old! Now.... I'm off to get some Mega Green Tea. ;-)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Foto Friday

I got this "foto Friday" idea from Lana, and it doesn't say anything about "wordless", so....

Happy Easter, everyone!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Coincidence? Makes me wonder....

Have you ever been going about your daily affairs... cleaning your home or office, or maybe sitting on a park bench or in a doctor's waiting room, when you see a newspaper or magazine article that is speaking directly to you? The article is about something that has been weighing heavy on your mind the last few days, and now here you are reading someone else's thoughts on it. It's as if the Universe wanted you to see that article because it has the answer you've been looking for. Or maybe you were googling something and you "accidentally" typed an incorrect letter and ended up on a website that had a special message for you. Well, that has happened to me on numerous occasions. It is my hope today that someone who feels depressed or is struggling with issues of people treating them badly will end up on this page and read the bible verse above. What I get from this verse is that if someone is rude to you, or you feel has wronged you in some way, don't take it to heart. Just remember that God is all and in all. He is in you! He loves you. He also loves the person who has wronged you, so it is best to try and see them as God sees them. If they have a problem with you, or just don't like you for some reason... it is not your burden to carry. It is theirs. Anyway, that is my thought for today.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Back to the old blogging board!

I need to find time to blog more. I really enjoy reading everyone's blogs.... from my family.. to my friends... to friends of my family.... and friends of my friends. Sometimes I feel like email and Facebook are sufficient for me, and that I don't really "fit in" to the blogging world. But what the heck! I enjoy sharing mine and Kara's life with everyone. And I know that even if no one comments on the most precious, adorable pictures I post.... they are still thinking how sweet and cute Kara is. And they do enjoy reading my blogs even if they don't know me. So God Bless You, reader! May you be blessed this day and always..... Namaste.